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  1. No, I haven’t, Chris. Unfortunately, since I have vowed not to listen to Glenn Beck ever again, I’ll have to pass on the interview. From what you write, had I not evolved beyond libertarianism, I might be interested – especially if he has more enthusiasm and charisma than Gary Johnson, et al.

    I recently read an <a href=”http://voluntaryist.com/articles/085b.html” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>old 1997 article</a>, which has given me a whole new perspective on the Libertarian Party:

    <blockquote>At the last Liberty Conference, an intellectual brawl erupted during a panel discussion on terrorism. Since I consider electoral politics the milquetoast equivalent of terrorism, my opening statement was a condemnation of voting. My arguments were aimed at libertarians who consider themselves anarchists yet jump to their feet in ebullient applause upon hearing that a fellow libertarian wants to be a politician. In the two raucous hours that ensued, a question was posed: “If you could have cast the deciding vote against Hitler, would you have done so?” I replied, “No, but I would have no moral objection to putting a bullet through his skull.” In essence, I adopted a stronger line – a “plumbline,” as Benjamin Tucker phrased it – on eliminating the Hitler threat.

    I consider such a bullet to be an act of self-defense in a manner that a ballot could never be. A bullet can be narrowly aimed at a deserving target; a ballot attacks innocent third parties who must endure the consequences of the politician I have assisted into a position of power over their lives. Whoever puts a man into a position of unjust power – that is, a position of political power – must share responsibility for every right he violates thereafter.</blockquote>

    I find her logic difficult to refute. If a libertarian avows the Non-aggression Principle, how could he ever vote to empower the state to aggress against individuals, to even collect taxes? There are plenty of ways to establish voluntary cooperation in society, without coercion. Any and all politicians, whatever their ideology, anxious to get their hands on the levers of coercive government, should be viewed with extreme skepticism. 😉 ◄Dave►

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