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OOPS! Iran: “White House Lying About Details of Nuke Deal” — 6 Comments

  1. “If this is a serious agreement, the P5+1 must ensure that these negotiations do not become a tool for Iran to further increase its enrichment abilities.”

    Under the auspices of Kerry and the Charlatan-in-Chief, there is every likelihood that they are lying about what is or isn’t being accomplished here, and every likelihood that it is in fact just such a tool.

    • What I have serious questions about is how binding is any agreement anyway. As far as I know the sanctions have been put in place by the UN. So now six nations can just go and cut a deal and the UN action is out the window? That kind of hurts their argument the next time they want to show that the UN is relevant. I’m not a big fan of the UN but I am a fan of consistency.

      • Well, apparently the whole publicity thing from the C-in-C was merely a diversion from the totalitarian nightmare known as ObamaCare. As near as I have gathered so far, there is no agreement yet. And the Israeli’s certainly have an extremely low opinion on what is being proposed. But it’s all just to save face for our wannabe dictator. He’ll be presented as the Great Negotiator when in actuality he’ll be grabbing his ankles as the Iranians approach from behind.
        Out the window is the proper place for pretty much any UN action.

        • There’s another problem. If they force this down the throat of Israel as well as the Saudies and yes Egypt Iran may have bigger problems than sanctions. Fire raining from the sky may be the order of the day. You will see the most unlikely of middle east allies coming.

        • Strange bedfellows, eh? Israel takes very seriously the threats from Iran to wipe it from the face of the earth. The muslim in the White House, were his real thoughts to be known publicly, would probably support that as a goal.
          As I’ve noted elsewhere though, this time the Jews will not go meekly. If the missiles head their way, every muslim city of any size throughout the Middle East will be a heap of radioactive cinders.

  2. Had to see this coming. Probably not a bad development as long as Israel remembers that an alliance is only good as long as it benefits their allies. The second it doesn’t they’re back under the bus.

    In an unprecedented event, President Shimon Peres spoke from his office in Jerusalem via satellite to 29 foreign ministers from Arabic and Muslim countries at the Gulf Security Conference in Abu Dhabi two weeks ago.

    While Peres spoke, none of the attendees left the room and some even applauded his remarks, according to Israel daily Yedioth Ahronoth, which reported Monday that Peres talked about how Israel can be a contributing factor in the Middle East and that there is an opportunity for dialogue between Israel and its neighbors about their common concerns, such as the fight against Islamic extremism and Iran’s nuclear program. Peres also presented his vision of global peace.

    “There was a lot of excitement from both sides about [Peres’s address],” said an official who was involved in organizing the event. “Everybody understood that this was something historic: the president of the Jewish state sitting in his office in Jerusalem with an Israeli flag and [the foreign ministers] sitting in the Persian Gulf discussing security, the war on terror and peace.”

    Peres, who was chosen by the summit’s organizer, the United Arab Emirates, to open the conference, was interviewed via satellite by UN Under Secretary-General Terje Rød-Larsen. As per the conditions for Peres’s appearance, the president and the foreign ministers only spoke through Larsen, and none of the content was leaked to the press.

    Among the countries represented were Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Yemen, Qatar, Indonesia, Malaysia and Bangladesh.

    New York Times columnist Tom Friedman, who was at the Abu Dhabi event, initially noted Peres’s address at the conference in an article two weeks ago.

    While Israel and much of the Arab and Muslim world are generally at odds, they have recently found some common ground in their opposition to Iran’s rogue nuclear program and concerns about US-led negotiations to thwart that program.


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