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Stereotyping – Is it Racist Sexist or Even Wrong? We All Do It. — 4 Comments

  1. Good article, Chris. As it happens, just before coming here, I read Scott Adams’ latest blog post, where he discussed the same subject from a different angle. He made a couple of profound observations:

    …by that I mean all of our brains are pattern-recognition detectors.

    Bad ones. Very, very bad ones.

    We see patterns where they exist, and also where they do not. And we make decisions based on those real and phantom patterns. Humans don’t have the option of being unbiased. We didn’t evolve that way.


    You are what you do. Not what you think.

    He also makes the point that we all change over time, and it is likely unfair to judge someone, by things they might have said or done in the distant past. I am sure you would enjoy his article.

    BTW: I don’t know how you are making your site information blink in my browser; but it is probably having the opposite of its intended effect, at least for me. I find it so distracting that I cannot leave your site open in a tab, as I do with regularly visited sites, and have to close it when done visiting. Thus, I need an external nudge to remind me to visit it again. 😉 ◄Dave►

    • Wow how did I miss this comment?

      Good article. I don’t think the point of “pattern recognition” is really that far off from “life experience” I mentioned. It’s life experience that lets someone recognize a pattern. To be a pattern you must have had to see it before.

      I have no idea what would make the site information “blink in your browser”. I assure you it’s nothing intentional. Are you running an ad blocker? (LOL silly question). The only thing I have added to the site is an ad blocker notice. It’s not supposed to do that but if your still having the problem I’ll turn it off and see if it fixes it.

      • This is my second try, Chris. The first one got wiped out, when I allowed NoScript to temporarily allow all scripts on your page, to see if that stopped the blinking. The script storm that followed, which also deleted my un-posted comment, reminded me of why I block the damn things on most “busy” sites. I had to close the page and go back to Feedly, where I am subscribed to your Comments RSS, to start over. Interestingly, now it isn’t blinking, which probably means that I am going to have to go manually disable some of the two dozen or so tracking scripts your site wants my browser to run for it. Ugh… 😉 ◄Dave►

  2. Two dozen tracking scripts? That’s not possible Dave. Quick check shows only five that could be considered “tracking scripts”. Two of them are the social media linking like you just added to TA. Yes two are what I would call hard core tracking scripts from Google, and Amazon. One is a generic web analytics script.

    That said because of the nature of the site it does have a lot of script running the addons. Possibly something isn’t agreeing with your system. I have shut down a couple of the non essential glitchy ones like chat. Maybe that will help. Shutting down all script is kind of throwing out the baby with the bath water. If you want to eliminate all ad tracking and ads I would suggest Adblock. (lol of course I discourage running it as much as I can because it even blocks page load data.) I run it and it works great. I never see an ad I don’t want to see and that includes the tracking that goes with it. I do run wide open on all my sites though to try and keep up on things like this. First time I have heard of a problem. I’m as annoyed as anyone with those sites that are so ad heavy that they don’t even load. Breitbart has gotten that way. I don’t want to be one of them but ya do have to make a buck once in a while. I do this mostly for fun but that doesn’t mean it has to cost money. 😉

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