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  1. I won’t go so far as to ever owe Trump gratitude, but if Ted survives this onslaught he’ll be even more prepared for Killary. But OMG, what a friggin’ mess! The coordinated attacks on all sides this season are stupifying. They’ve really elevated their game. If the goal is to alienate all voters and make them despise DC even more, that is. 🙂

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  3. Hi Mary. Great to see you. As long as they can’t make any scandal stick Cruz will survive. I’m hoping, but everyone is human therefore I can’t say without a shadow of a doubt. Now even if there were a problem he most likely wouldn’t lose my support just some of my respect on a personal level. The other options are just that bad.

  4. Yea, here’s a guy that really wants to win.

    Moments after Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) for President on Tuesday, Donald Trump criticized him for refusing to raise taxes in Wisconsin.

    Trump, the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination, insisted in a radio interview with Illinois-based Michael Koolidge that Walker’s spending cuts and preservation of low taxes were bad for Wisconsin.

    The Guardian caught the exchange:

    “There’s a $2.2 billion deficit and the schools were going begging and everything was going begging because he didn’t want to raise taxes ’cause he was going to run for president. So instead of raising taxes, he cut back on schools, he cut back on highways, he cut back on a lot of things.”

    Trump added that “Wisconsin has a lot of problems, plus there is tremendous hatred” before saying the state is not “running smoothly.”

    Despite Trump’s admonishing of Walker’s policies, many of which are in line with the Republican Party’s official platform, the state is in fairly decent shape.

    Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 9.58.09 AM

    (Image Credit: Win McNamee/Getty Images)

    As of May 2015, Wisconsin’s unemployment rate is below the national average at 4.8 percent, according to the state’s economic outlook report. In addition, the outlook also projects continued increases in personal income levels across the state.

    According to the RealClearPolitics polling average, Cruz has taken a slim lead from Trump in Wisconsin.

    From: Independent Journal

  5. I have a pretty good feeling about WI, and going forward. Trump’s ceiling is becoming more apparent as indies and political newbies are forced to see his vicious, destructive reality. Last night’s CNN townhall clearly illuminates the stark difference between the leading candidates. Did not bother watching spoiler Kasich.

    As for Cruz scandal – would have possibly been believable if they’d stopped at 1 mistress (any man can make a mistake, etc.), but by going whole hog with 5 (simultaneously) it’s just ludicrous. Trumpbots are beyond reason, but anyone else with functional firing neurons is skeptical of such hyperbolic trash. Really feel bad for Amanda Carpenter (his former PR gal) who’s spent the week defending her honor from such scummy attacks.

    The world’s gotten very ugly this week. Glad to have found this playground of yours where we can continue to chat civilly about the issues of the day.

    Be well.

    • As for Cruz scandal – would have possibly been believable if they’d stopped at 1 mistress 

      As I said in the other forum. 1 ok. 2 he’s a player. 5 he’s a freak’in rock star!

    • Looks like you got it right about Wisconsin.  Cruz way ahead and Trump tanking.  Hope it protends the future.  I would love to watch a brokered convention without the riots.

  6. Trump has gone into self destruct mode. Just yesterday alone he completely blew any shot he had in WI. He doesn’t really want it. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 🙂 Yea, it’s pretty quiet here these days. I just use it for some of my odder musings such as this one. I enjoy subjects not completely out of the realm of possibility, but on the side of unlikely. Begging the question “what if”.

    You are most welcome to join in here any time. You have the capabilities here to post your own articles as well. The only editing I do is behind the scenes for meta info. I never change any content.


  7. Well…I guess I’ll jump back in with my friend Sally…ooops..I mean Mary. I’d forgotten about this forum and that I joined over 2 years ago. Not sure how I got diverted but let’s go…I’ll stir it up a bit by sticking a knife in the Cruz balloon when I can to make things interesting since, as I have often posted elsewhere, I think of him as an arrogant, pandering, politician in the worst since of the word. But….better than Trump. I also am convinced that supporting Cruz to beat Trump will be akin to winning the battle but losing the war with a certain wil by Hillary.

  8. Welcome back Larry. At least we agree that Cruz is better than Trump. 🙂 None of the candidates are anywhere close to perfect. I’m mostly pleased as heck to have a candidate that can speak the word constitution. One very important thing for me is the upcoming multiple Supreme Court seats that will be opening up in the next few years. In going forward I think Cruz is the only one that will get it right. A president is four years. A Supreme Court justice could be four decades. In the next four years we will see at least three appointments and right now we are one justice away from a liberal/progressive court.

    Read some news today that should make you happy. A poll with a three way match up. Killery, Drumpf, and Johnson. Johnson polled at 11%. Of course he has to win the party nomination. If the choices were Killery or Trump could a third party break through? The chances in my book would never be better.

  9. Well, change is a comin’ to the GOP in one form or another.  I’ll cry no tears for it if my only choices are Killary or Trump.  I’ll write in Cruz as protest, or happily vote Gary Johnson.

    If Trump is the impetus that causes them to really do an autopsy this time the Republic may survive, but remember, they are called the Stupid Party for a reason.  SCOTUS openings in the next 4/8 years ought to knock the ego out of these stuffed shirts, because the threat of down ballot slaughters isn’t working.

    Have to admit, I too, am getting a kick out of the faux conservatives being exposed this cycle.  After the female reporter assault, the abortion brouhaha/walkback today and HeidiGate, none of these knuckleheads (Rush, Coulter, Hannity) should have a job.

    That said, anyone running a scandal free administration and minimizing the run of blatant executive abuses would be a welcome relief.  Hell, even lunatic, socialist Bernie would be an upgrade over Killary/Trump.  He’d be relatively harmless and with an ounce of spine, Congress could neuter him. Hail gridlock!   At his age, the US could survive Feelin’ the Bern for 4 yrs.

    Also, welcome aboard Larry.  Or welcome back.  Whatever.  🙂

  10. The process has become such such theater that the issues seem to have been lost.  The effect of a Hillary or Bernie win on the Supreme Court would be negative long term impacts on the future of the country for sure.   Oth, a Cruz win could open the gates to a court that favors a government more like that run by an Pastor in Chief than our founders intended or that I could stomach.

    Strange as I write this that I really don’t have any idea of the religious views of Gary Johnson but just assumed that a more libertarian leaning government would provide some kind of locked gate keeping the religious right at bay.

    I have noticed lately that Rush has taken to acting like a Trump apologist offering analysis of the brilliance of his answers or how he was trapped by the liberal elite, etc.  I am concerned for Rush now that he has begun to alienate his audience by trying to convince them that he is only providing analysis and insight to Trump’s thinking, not outright support.  From what I hear, he is not convincing many.  Of the talk show righties, Levin, Savage and Beck seem to have been able to see thru the incredible incompetence demonstrated by Trump as he opens up to a broader public.

    The simple fact that Beck is supporting Cruz to the extent that he thinks Cruz has been sent by God to save the day is enough to convince me that Cruz is a Xtian version of an Islamic terrorist.  Looking at some of the religious crazies, including his father, that are behind the campaign is enough to scare the crap out of me.  So…maybe he isn’t better than Trump.  I’ll have to rethink that statement.

    • I’m disgusted with the current “conservative media” save a few. I can only reason that they are addicted to the ratings bonanza that is Trump. The longer he’s around the more money they all make.

      Beck is a nut. Problem is he’s a nut with a big audience. It’s tough to turn down the backing of someone with that big a following no matter how that support comes.

      If I thought I could convince you that a Cruz administration would not in any way try to inject religion into government or the courts I would try. Thing is I don’t see it. If I did I would be the first to stand and say no way. I see constitution first from his public and professional life. That’s all I’ll bother you about that.

    • Larry, from our long history you know quite well my ideas on religion.  While I agree Beck is a lunatic (a real Cruz miss having him advocate for him IMO) and his pastor father causes me concern, I still believe Ted would govern more by the Constitution than the Bible.

      Perhaps I’ve fallen into the cult of Cruzism but I just don’t see it.  His entire record rests on Constitutional underpinnings.  Some issues would ultimately be resolved at the state level, with unfavorable results, but that is the system we have, like it or not.

      Lastly, loathsome as you find him, Cruz is no dummy.  I think he would love to cement his legacy with some concrete conservative wins, a la Reagen.  If he could repeal Obamacare, and dispose of some gov’t agencies while the economy improves, he’d be golden.  Add in some foreign stability and a scandal-free admin – well hell, that’s a conservative’s wet dream right there.

      I remain somewhat optimistic, even as I wince when being subjected to his speechifying.  The brain is a awesome.  The delivery not so much.

      • Say Mary. I see your using the guest comment feature. I’d love it if you would register on the site. That’s when it really comes alive. This isn’t just a blog. It’s a full blown social site with nearly all the same features as the big ones.  LOL without the silly games, annoying news feed ads, filtered news feed and annoying people.

        Give it a try!

  11. Mary…I admit to having a difficult time squaring your Cruz supports with your religious views as I have defined Cruz support to include a bevy of religious zealots who are just waiting for the chance to make me into one of them.  You too for that matter.  If he does not bow to their views then he is a serial panderer willing to say anything to gather support or votes.

    Of course, that then makes him just like the rest of them except his gang of zealots is bigger.

    I guess we all have to find something good about those we support so that we can overlook the rest of the bullshit.

    • I don’t know if this would be any help to you Larry. Just submitting for your consideration. Around the six minute mark he may address your concerns.

      • Chris…finally got a chance to watch this.  I think I’d seen some of it before.  It is just bullshit from Lyin Ted.  His concept of judicial activism is the Supreme Court deciding something different that what he believes. He also totally ignores the Courts role in protecting our freedoms against tyranny of the majority.  The majority of citizens in the us are Christians…probably the majority of voters, especially on the gop side.  The xtian right would use any tool and any specious faux constitutional argument they could possibly cobble together to justify foisting their views on me if it wasn’t for the supreme court.  He would argue that the california appeals court had no right to overturn Prop 8 because it was passed by a majority even tho it was clearly a violation of the constitution and placed government in a position of enforcing a system that picks winners and losers based on biblical teachings as defined…probably by his Dad.

  12. Today I thought I heard a loud prayer for his God’s help from Cruz’s lips as he sank into the huge hole he dug for himself prior to running for the top job.  His decision to run was a premature self assessment based on his support from the talk radio right and his Texas base.  As with all righteous assholes, he overplayed his hand and tried to shortcut his way to control.  Wasn’t going to happen, ever….His base is small and very regionalized.  Combining that with his lack of support from those in the system that he needs to win doomed his effort.  Bye, Ted.

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