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  1. LOL… I enjoyed the clip. Good article.

    I think the answer to the central question regarding why he gets a pass, is that, unlike phony politicians, he doesn’t pretend otherwise. What you see is what you get, and he sees no reason to apologize for being successful, by playing the game by the established rules.

    Besides, one has the impression that he already has a lifetime supply of money, and wouldn’t need to try to leverage his position into any more. This is why he exudes the impression that he can’t be bought, and why the oligarchy is so terrified of him.

    When it comes right down to it, how much money would actually end up in his pocket, by any increase in expenditures of Federal tax receipts on Trump hotel rooms, golfing fees, or gambling tables? 🙂 ◄Dave►

    • Besides, one has the impression that he already has a lifetime supply of money, and wouldn’t need to try to leverage his position into any more.

      Dave as I’m sure your aware that to some people no matter how much money they have it’s never enough. Trump is one of those people. He’s got a lot of money but Mr. X has more so he doesn’t have enough.

      I had to revisit this post because of the recent FEC filings by the Trump campaign showing his payments by the campaign to all sorts of Trump entities. Of most notable is the tripling of rent paid to Trump tower for office space since he won the nomination.

      There probably isn’t anything illegal about it but appearances mean a lot. Then there is the question of why would it change should he win the presidency? If he wants to play golf where do you think he’s going to want to play? Where would he be inclined to bring his entourage that will require services while he puts around the back nine? When he controls the expenses of thousands of administration employees where will they stay or where will they hold their meetings? What brand of wine might a very well paid chef that likes his job think fit to grace the presidential table? What line of wardrobe might the lovely Mrs. Trump be partial to when that wardrobe is on the government dime? Probably the biggest question of all would be what lowly civil servant that likes his or her job is going to deny a building permit to Eric Trump or even give him a hard time over details? Trump won’t even have to say a word but these questions will all have the right answer.

      These are just questions that I think the answer to will lead to real motivation. I know, if Trump becomes president he has to completely back away from from his business. Most would put it into a blind trust with a board of directors. He will just turn it over to his kids as a board of directors. How blind will it be when he has private Sunday dinner with his whole board of directors every week?

    • BTW this is not to slam Trump. That ship has sailed for me, but as you said on TA it could be fun to revisit some old posts just to see where they have wound up. So far this one stands.

      • No, I do not receive notifications anymore. The last time I tried to log in, it wouldn’t work; but I just tried again and it worked, so I rejoined the mailing list.

        All that is probably true; but I guess that is just the nature of politics. Somehow, comparing it to the Clinton graft, it seems innocuous. Obama’s family has probably wasted more money on vacations. 🙂

        I have a simple solution… anarchy. 😉 ◄Dave►

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